Molly Aube

Why do you teach?

I teach simply because I love it!  My specialty is with kids 2-10, which means there is never a dull moment in class.  Those times when you don’t think I can see them dancing-when they’re just letting loose, having fun, and growing in their love for dance.  Their little faces lighting up with joy and smiles.

Your favorite dance moment?

It’s hard to say what my favorite moment is, especially when it comes to teaching the little ones.  They give me so many to choose from.  But if I had to pick, I would say it is recital day.  It never fails to make me laugh when we work for months putting together a dance for the performance and on recital day on of them walks out on stage and waves to grandma the entire time.  That really gets the audience going!

Why do you teach at DSOM?

DSOM is my second home.  Every member of the staff is friendly and personable.  Some of our veteran teachers who have been at DSOM for many years have become like family to me.  It is a place where I feel safe and comfortable to be myself and it is always a lot of fun.  I have spent a good chunk of time here growing to be both a better dancer and a better person.  I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else to continue to share my love of dance with others.

Personal Fun Fact

When I am not at DSOM teaching I can be found working hard at Maine Medical Center.  Both of my jobs keep me on my toes and always manage to make my life more colorful.

How long have you been dancing and teaching at?

I have been dancing at DSOM for 19 years and have been teaching for 3 of those years and counting.

Message to my students:

Every single one of you is such a little superstar.  I can’t wait to continue to watch you grow into stronger dancers and continue your love for dance.