April Monte

Why do you teach?

I believe in developing arts education. It is one thing to be able to perform
professionally and another thing entirely to teach. I honestly do not care if my
students grow up to be professional performers, although many of the do, but I DO
care that they appreciate and understand dance as an art form. I teach future
dancers and future self-confident members of an educated audience.

Your favorite dance moment?

I would have to say being cast in my 1st leading role in a Broadway National Tour. It
absolutely blew me away. I was a tiny jumble of voice, arms, legs and nerves. I have
worked with, performed for, and have met so many amazing people on the road and
from so many countries. Since then, I have returned to some of those theatres, on
other tours, and come upon my own signature on the backstage wall from so many
years ago. It still gives me a thrill to think of my 18-year-old self signing it. Also, some
of my closest friends that might be playing those theatres at one time or another,
send me picture of themselves standing next to my name…..it always makes me
giggle to see.

Why you teach at DSOM?

First let me say I love Dance Studio of Maine. It is an amazing place to be a part of
and truly a “dance-community” in every sense of the word. I was so excited to find it
when I finally decided to settle down here in Maine. The students are hungry to learn
and they have a solid foundation and respect for not only dance but for themselves.
We are not just teaching our students to dance, be coordinated, or keeping them
physically fit, we are teaching them confidence. To dance at this studio is to really
drive yourself to learn and achieve your goals, and that carries past the classroom.

Personal Fun Fact

A fun fact about me… this has NOTHING to do with dance… I love to cook and will
find any excuse to try new food. I also love crafting…give me ANY excuse to create
and I am there.

How long you have been dancing and teaching?

I have been dancing/ performing for over 35 years and teaching for over 20 of them.
And for the record I have loved every second of it.
I attended Arizona State University, Boston Conservatory, and Broadway Dance
Center and have been in too many musicals to count.
Some of my favorite roles include; Evita (Eva Perron), Hairspray (Penny),
Joseph….Dreamcoat (Narrator), Cabaret (Sally), All Shook Up (Natalie), Miss Saigon
(Ellen), The Wedding Singer (Holly), Miracle Worker (Helen), A Midsummer Night’s
Dream (Puck), Into the Woods (Little Red) Great American Trailer Park Musical (Lin),
Godspell (Joanne), Oklahoma (Ado Annie), Cats (Jellylorum), Beehive, and Honkey
Tony Angels (Sue Ellen) .

Message to your students:

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Always remember to love your
art and it will love you right back.