Betsy Nygren

Why do you teach?

I began teaching dance at age 10, as an assistant teacher at the Virginia Dorr School of Dance (what would later become the Dance Studio of Maine). My mother, Dory Bridges, was an instructor here and I learned to love teaching children how to dance, love music and express themselves through movement. I continued as a full instructor after I graduated college and have never stopped! I love my job!!

Your favorite dance moment?

I have so many favorite dance moments they have combined into one great feeling of joy about dance. I take great pride in seeing my students grow and learn over the year in class. But, sharing my love of dance with my daughters and seeing their accomplishments, is something very special.

Why you teach at DSOM?

I’ve always danced at The Dance Studio, formerly the Virginia Dorr School of Dance. I can’t imagine being anywhere else! This years dance recital will be my 42nd dance recital!!

Personal Fun Fact

Trish and I once rode the Sponge Bob roller coaster in the Mall of America together.  We where scared but we had to act cool because we didn’t want the 6  year olds in front of us to get scared too.

How long have you been teaching and dancing?

I have been dancing for 42 years and teaching for 32.  It is amazing how many kids I have had the opportunity to share my passion with.

Message to my students:

I’m so excited to meet my students this year! I love to see new faces and to see former students around the studio as they continue on over the years!