Felicia Bickford

Why do you teach?

I teach because I want to pass on my love for the art of dance. I believe that proper education to build a strong technical foundation is essential and will allow dancers to safely and fully explore their art. Seeing students make the connection between technique class and choreography is truly exciting!

Your favorite dance moment?

This is a really difficult one for me! I’ve had so many special moments related to dance as both a student, professional and teacher. For my own dance career, My favorite moment has to be competing at WCDE my senior year of high school. My teacher was crafting a really amazing jazz piece to ” tainted love” for us, but like any masterpiece, it took time. We had many extra rehearsals, but didn’t end up finishing the dance until we were backstage. It was so nerve wracking, but also so exciting. Our energy was through the roof! We ended up coming even closer together as team, because we knew what it would take to make the piece successful. It was hands down our best performance. We all came off stage crying and hugging, and just beyond happy about what we had accomplished. To make an awesome experience even sweeter, we ended up winning the overall high score that night. This experience totally relates to my favorite moments as a teacher. These moments come every year with DSOM’s first performances. I know how hard everyone has had to work in order to get there. Seeing the kids work together as a team and dance their hearts out makes me incredibly proud.

Why you teach at DSOM?

Since I live in Massachusetts, and have to drive 2 hours to get to DSOM, I get asked this question a lot. Initially, I was just looking for a job as a dance teacher, but what I ended up finding was something more like a second family. I feel very connected to the students and staff here.

Personal Fun Fact

I have a mild obsession with football, Gouda cheese, and Harry Potter.

How long you have been dancing and teaching?

I started dancing at the tender age of 3, so it’s been 24 years. I started teaching in 2009, and began teaching at DSOM in 2010.

Message to my students:

Each one of you has the potential to be great, both as a dancer, and more importantly, a person. Make it your goal to reach for that greatness everyday!