Nikki Girroir

Why do you teach?

I teach dance because I love to share the art of dance. I believe that dance is a great vessel to bring people together and it teaches important values. I also teach dance because I love to learn. Dance is an evolving art form and I love to learn and innovate creative ways to express myself through my choreography.

Your favorite dance moment?

My favorite dance moment is at the end of the year when my students go onstage and perform at the recital. They show the audience how much they have learned throughout the year and to see the students feeling accomplished is extremely rewarding.

Why you teach at DSOM?

I am excited to start teaching at the DSOM this year. The DSOM creates a wonderful environment for dancers to learn and create. I am very excited for what my future holds with the DSOM and it’s families!

Personal Fun Fact

I am obsessed with Disney World and love to visit every chance I get!

How long have you been teaching and dancing?

I have been dancing since I was 2 years old. I have performed professionally with Luminarium Dance Company, Echo Dance Company and Intimations Dance Company; and was selected as a guest choreographer
with Intimations Dance. Dancing professionally has given me amazing opportunities such as performing with Luminarium Dance Company at the Boston Opera House to open for the largest TEDx convention in the world. My teaching career started in high school and after attending the University of the Arts, I have been teaching professionally for 5 years.

Message to my students:

Be true to yourself and don’t let anything stop you from accomplishing
your dreams!