Rachel Richards

Why do you teach?

I teach ballet because I have a love of dance and wish to impart all that I have learned through
my dance career. I want students, young and old, to experience the joy of dancing as I do,
realizing all the beauty and technical aspects of ballet.

Your favorite dance moment?

My favorite dance moment is actually a ballet called The Moor’s Pavane by José Limón. It is
based on the tragedy Othello by William Shakespeare. It consists of only four dancers onstage
for the entire ballet. While at the Joffrey Ballet then based in NYC, I danced the part of Emilia,
Iago’s wife, who was convinced, by him, to plot and betray her friend, Desdemona, who was
then murdered by her husband, The Moor.

Why you teach at DSOM?

I have only been teaching at DSOM since September 2017 and thoroughly enjoy the students I
teach and staff whom I have met and interacted with. It has been a joy to be invited to be a
part of the DSOM family.

Personal Fun Fact :

I am dark-skinned and while dancing The Dream by Sir Frederick Ashton at the Joffrey Ballet, I
was good-humoredly called the “Doo-Doo Fairy” by my fellow fairies.

How long have you been teaching and dancing?

I actually started off as a track “star” pinning my dreams on going to the Olympics. Then I read
the story of Anna Pavlova shortly before turning 13 and I was hooked. I begged my parents to
allow me to dance and fortunately they did. Subsequently, I have been dancing and teaching
for 50 years all told, 36 years of those teaching.

Message to my students :

Follow your dream, work diligently and enjoy the process. Dancing requires 110% commitment
to succeed if one wants to pursue a career in dance and if not, then the dedication to dance, or
any art form, is highly commendable and fulfilling. Dance in any form is a very lovely way to
express oneself. Indeed, enjoy it all!