Makenzie Goudreau

Why do you teach?

Because dance is such a huge passion of mine, I knew I didn’t want to stop once I graduated from high school. So I switched my focus to sharing my devotion and passion of dance by becoming a dance instructor. I had no idea that I would find such an immense joy in teaching. I teach to not only share my talent and dedication of dance to others, but to also help aspiring dancers grow to become the dancer he/she wants to be. I teach to make a lasting impression and a positive difference in my students’ lives no matter what that may be.

Your favorite dance moment?

As a dancer, my favorite moment is being able to let go and dance for myself. It’s a beautiful feeling to be able to dance like no one is watching. As a teacher, I have two favorite dance moments. My first favorite moment is when I witness a student finally master a difficult skill in class. The look in a students’ eyes when he/she excels at a certain skill makes teaching completely worthwhile. My second favorite teaching moment is being able to watch all of my students on stage, dancing for themselves and their own personal happiness.

Why do I teach at DSOM?

It’s my second home! When I decided to start teaching dance it was an absolute no brainer to start my teaching career at the DSOM. The overall environment of the studio is so welcoming, but also professional, the staff is caring and compassionate, and the skill level and teaching ability DSOM presents surpasses other studios in Southern Maine.

Personal Fun Fact:

I am completely obsessed with pugs.

How long you have been dancing and teaching?

I started dancing at the age of three, eighteen years ago, and I began teaching three years ago.

A message to current and upcoming students of mine

I can’t wait to watch all of you grow into not only beautiful dancers, but beautiful people as well.